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Making mistakes at the online poker tables can cost you more than you realize. While you might be one of the best players and have all areas tightened up, you make one simple mistake over and over and enough players will gladly separate you from all your chips. Pay close attention to this list of online poker playing mistakes and once you spot one you make, take the steps to eliminate it from your game. 

The most common of all online poker mistakes is using the chat feature to talk to other players. When you are taking time to complain about poor starting hands, monstrous bad beats, or being bluffed off the nuts, you are in a sense telling the rest of the table all about your game play. keep things close to the vest and stop making a point to keep telling everyone your business. 

Flashing of the hole cards is just another way that you are giving away free information that will come back an bite you in the end. There is no upside to flashing your hole cards other than feeling great for a few seconds. The downsides are you just gave away free information and you may have pissed off the wrong person who now wants to exact revenge by stalking you and trying to win a hand against you. Stop this now.

Too many players are trying to win money playing poker online but they are distracted while they do. Eliminate all those distractions from your game and focus on the task at hand. This means that you need to turn off the television, stop talking on the phone, and log off those social media sites now. If you are not 100% able to focus on playing poker, then come back when you are able to do so.

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